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Articles of Interest for the Serious Bible Student

If all would study the Bible as prayerfully and as conscientiously as they ought, giving earnest heed to every word and receiving it as coming directly from God, there would be no need of any other religious book. Whatever is written should be for the purpose of calling attention more directly to the words of Scripture. Whatever substitutes any man's opinions for the Bible, so that by it the people are led to rest content without any further study of the Bible itself, is worse than useless.

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Check out our Bible studies. There are several studies here on thought provoking items which are often misunderstood. This misunderstanding then generates misconceptions about other vital gospel themes.

Sabbath Studies

Join us in an ongoing study of the book of Genesis.

To which Spirit are you listening? Do you remember Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:21)? The people of God were worshiping Baal—but thought they were listening to the True Holy Spirit.

New Series of Studies in the Book of Revelation

This is an excellent new series of presentations in MP3 format for download or streaming. Contact us if you'd like to have a copy of the video presentations. We'd like to be able to mail these DVDs free to the whole world, but due to financial constraints we'll need to bill you $5 USD. The videos are PowerPoint presentations keyed to the audio and compiled in AVI and MOV formats. The DVD also includes the original PowerPoint slideshows and all handouts presented during these studies.

Ten Bible studies presented to the Primacy of the Gospel Committee
by members of the 1888 Message Study Committee.

Ellen G. White

How many times did Ellen White endorse the message of Jones and Waggoner from 1888-1896? The following endorsements have been taken verbatim from the four volumes of The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials.


Guiding principles in Prayer for the Sick, a compilation from the writings of Ellen G. White.

J.S. Washburn

Unpublished, signed report of an interview with Elder J.S. Washburn (1950), who was a personal friend of Ellen G. White. Elder Washburn was present at the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference Session.

Ann Walper

Questions have long been asked regarding the "Baker Letter," written by Ellen G. White to Bro. W.L.H. Baker — particularly a small section of the letter concerning Baker's teachings on the nature of Christ in the incarnation. Was he teaching the heresy of adoptionism?


The simple definition of the word antichrist is: one who stands against Christ, or one who stands instead of Christ, or in place of Christ. Why did Paul have to warn the Thessalonian believers against such heresy?


What is Legal Justification? It is revolutionary good news as it was presented to the leadership of the church at the 1888 Minneapolis General Conference by A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner.

Who is the Holy Spirit? Is the term Spirit simply a power, or does the Spirit of God have personality? What does the Bible say?—and the Spirit of Prophecy?


The book of Daniel is often confusing to many readers, particularly chapter 11. This study of the history involved may be of help in unraveling much of the mystery.


Understanding God's Everlasting Covenant In this study we will discuss the two formulas for covenant-making found in the Bible. In an effort to clarify God’s everlasting covenant of salvation, we will first define, and then compare and contrast these two formulas.

B. G. Wilkinson

Truth Triumphant—The Church in the Wildernes The spirit of Christ, burning in the hearts pf loyal men who would not compromise with paganism, sent them forth as missionaries to lands afar.

Paul Penno

The cross justifies the existence of all life. The subject of temporary, universal, justification of life for all men is one of the big ideas which God invites us to wrap our minds around. Preview chapter 5 — Waggoner on Galatians. PDF file of entire document.


Calvary at Sinai—The Law and the Covenants in Seventh-day Adventist History. History is like a puzzle with many pieces. The individual parts must interconnect perfectly in order for the picture to fit properly and make sense. PDF file of entire document.

Tom Ewall

What is the relationship between faith and works?

Kelvin M. Duncan

Read a chapter from his newly published book The Message of the Latter Rain, "Removing the Fog that Obscures the Love of God" (co-authored by Earl D. Peters).

Dorothy Whitney Conklin

The Golden Oil - The Nature and Work of the Holy Spirit. "If ye then, being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him?" Luke 11:13. Download the PDF  |  Download the eBook

Rene Noorbergen

Glossolalia—Sweet Sounds of Ecstasy, Book 1
The modern tongues movement is explored in relation to what we read in Scripture.
Glossolalia—Sweet Sounds of Ecstasy, Book 2

A more in-depth exploration of the tongues movement, its ties with spiritualism, the occult, and Ecumenism.

Taylor G. Bunch

The Exodus in Type and Antitype. This series of 36 studies were delivered during the Sabbath afternoon vesper services in the Battle Creek Tabernacle.

Alexander Snyman

In the recorded history of the Bible there have been five periods of either prohibition, or permission for flesh eating. Please note the difference between permission and God telling the people to actually do something.

Just what did Christ assume in the incarnation? Did He assume our fallen sinful human nature . . . or a nature superior to ours?

Gerald L. Finneman

The Corporate Solidarity of the Human Race and Christ as the Second Adam. Prepared for the meeting of the Primacy of the Gospel Committee, assembled at the General Conference, October 16, 1996.

Historical Teachings on the Nature Christ Took in the Incarnation — four historical facts important to the discussion of the human nature of Christ. Examines interrelationships and implications of the data.

Justice and Atonement — Two kinds of justice and their bearing on the atonement are presented in this paper. (PDF)

Threads From the East — Popular Christianity has lost its hold on people, creating a spiritual emptiness. Wisdom and salvation from the East sweeps into the vacuum. Pantheism, spiritism, and mysticism have spread like wildfire.

Significance of the Red Heifer: Christ Crucified Outside the Camp—This sin offering was not applied to the individual sinner. The red heifer was a congregational, or corporate, offering.


Many persons have written, both for and against, the Emerging Church Movement. In this study we will to consider some of the foundation principles, applications and results of that which is written and spoken of today from within and about this “Emerging” movement.

M.L. Andreasen
from his book:
The Faith of Jesus

Seven Deadly Sins — basic in the fall of Lucifer. These seven are envy, discontent, pride, selfishnes, covetousness, hatred, and lying. Since these sins constituted the beginning of sin in the universe and are among the most deceitful of all sins, it may be well to consider them in more detail. When we understand how sin began we can better avoid its first appearance.

The Last Generation — The final demonstration of what the gospel can do in and for humanity is still in the future. What God did in Christ, He can do in every human being who submits to Him. When it has been accomplished, the end will come.

Stephen N. Haskell

The sanctuary and the investigative judgment — can the unique Adventist understanding of this vital truth be supported from the Bible? We believe it can.

Robert Van Ornam

The Doctrine of the Everlasting Covenant in the writings of Ellet J. Waggoner. It is neither predestinarian nor dispensationalistic, although it incorporates selected points of the two views. (PDF)

C.D. Anderson

Is it ethical for one to die for another's sins? (PDF only)

Christ was qualified both Biblically and ethically to be the Savior of all mankind. (PDF only)

Carlyle B. Haynes

Life, Death, and Immortality — Birth and death bound human existence as far as human knowledge and experience can discern. What becomes of man at the end of life? Answer those tough questions.

The Other Side of Death — The whole scope of human vision is bounded by death.

Alonzo T. Jones

It is generally conceded there were no records kept of the studies which Elders Waggoner and Jones gave at the 1888 meeting in Minneapolis. Of later written works, The Consecrated Way to Christian Perfection, is possibly the best presentation of the essence of the message of Jones in 1888.

Christ has abolished the enmity. (PDF) Read sermon #11 from his series published in the General Conference Bulletins of 1895.

Our God is a Consuming Fire (PDF) The wrath of God is not against ungodly men but against ungodliness and unrighteousness of men.

Boundless Grace: Free to All (PDF)

Individuality in Religion — Liberty is the state of being exempt from the dominion of others. It is the power in any rational agent to make his choices and decide his conduct for himself, spontaneously and voluntarily, in his duty to his Creator, and in the manner of discharging that duty.

What is Patriotism in the United States? Love of country is more than the love of the mountains and hills. Love of country is really love of the institutions and the principles which make a country what it is in all respects.

Bible Questions and Answers Concerning Man — Is man mortal or immortal? Where do men go when they die? Do the dead praise the Lord? If a man die, shall he live again?

W.W. Prescott

The great controversy between good and evil. We take too limited a view of God's plan of salvation if we confine its working simply to this world of ours. Heaven has been affected. There are things in heaven that need to be reconciled by the blood of the cross.

George McCready Price

The Time of the End — This book is a "MUST READ" item for all who are interested in this earth's closing scenes.

Ellet J. Waggoner

The Two Covenants — The covenant and promise of God are one and the same. God made a covenant with Abraham to give him the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession. God gave it to him by promise. God's covenants with men can be nothing else than promises to them.

Righteousness Imputed — The Bible does not teach us that God calls us righteous simply because Jesus of Nazareth was righteous eighteen hundred years ago. It says that by his obedience we are made righteous. Notice that it is present, actual righteousness.

The Christian's faith in something that cannot be seen is the source of wonder to the unbeliever, and is often the object of ridicule and contempt.
Read Waggoner's "The Full Assurance of Faith" (PDF)

The Gospel in the Book of Galatians — This link will allow you to download both sides of the debate over the law in Galatians—that of G.I. Butler and E.J. Waggoner. Read history for yourself.

My whole life has been nothing but sin. Even my thoughts have been evil. I feel like I am living a life of death. Can there be forgiveness for me? Read "The Power of Forgiveness." (PDF)

Waggoner on Romans The Gospel in Paul's great letter.

L.E. Froom

A history of the counter-reformation and the introduction of futurism and preterism.

Herbert E. Douglass

Why Jesus Waits. How the sanctuary message explains the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. (PDF only)

F.C. Gilbert

Messiah In His Sanctuary — a series of Bible studies on the sanctuary and its services, in both type and antitype with particular application to the church following the Advent Movement of the years 1834-1844.

A Scriptural exposition of H-T-Mid, the Daily, Daniel 8:11-13. Includes documents regarding this study and how it came into being. In order to understand Gilbert's study you really need to read the accompanying letter of explanation and Ellen White interview before continuing.

Donald K. Short

The Achilles heel of the counterfeit gospel — separating Christ from us.


Why the Delay? Why has the Adventist part of our belief been delayed for over 100 years? Nothing in our past stands out like the 1888 General Conference Session.


Our Church in the End Time The Lord wanted to build a church, an ekklesia that was called out from Babylon, from Ur of the Chaldees. The fact that the church at this date in history is still incomplete, still being built, must be understood as the result of her own choice.


The Mystery of 1888 — A Study of Seventh-day Adventist History in the Light of the Minneapolis General Conference of 1888. Download PDF.


"Then Shall the Sanctuary Be Cleansed" — This message will grip and enlarge the understanding of serious church members. It will supply answers to the increasingly vexing question as to why the second advent remains largely a conversation piece among Adventists.


"Made Like … His Brethren" — What can heaven do to bring the reign of sin to an end? Must mankind do something to pay-off and appease an angry God?


Let History Speak — This collection of documents presented to the Primacy of the Gospel Committee explores hidden reasons behind the apathy and widespread indifference that perplex sincere church members. There is an answer!

Baal-worship and the long delay. History tells us that the devious path to Baal-worship leads back to the Garden of Eden.

Robert J. Wieland

Click this link for a listing of articles and books written by Robert J. Wieland which are available on this site. Many articles are available in PDF format.


Could you be as important a person in God’s great universe as Job was? Read Lessons from the Book of Job

R.B. Thurber

Sam Brown, mechanic extraordinaire, puzzled by his new employee, Frank Richards' insistence that Saturday is the true Lord's day. Find out for yourself how he handled the sticky situation.

Be sure to read our other articles about the Sabbath and Sabbath-keeping.

Leslie G. Walper Did Christ actually die the second death?

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