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Taylor G. Bunch


This series of thirty-six sermons on the parallels between ancient and modern Israel in the Exodus and Advent movements were delivered during the Sabbath afternoon vesper services in the Battle Creek Tabernacle. They are being published in this form for the special accommodation of those who heard them, and also because of requests from ministers and other gospel workers who desire them. This series is of special value in meeting apostates and divergent movements, and in establishing Seventh-day Adventists in "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."

  1. Purpose of Series
  2. Ancient and Modern Israel Paralleled
  3. The Two Movements in Prophecy
  4. The Law and the Sabbath
  5. The Judgments of God
  6. The Midnight Deliverance
  7. The Mixed Multitude
  8. Divine Leadership
  9. Organization and Finances
  10. Health Reform
  11. The Symbol of Righteousness
  12. The Sin of False Witnessing
  13. Marriage and Divorce
  14. The Spirit of Reverence
  15. The Sacredness of Vows
  16. The Journey From Egypt
  17. The Law and the Sanctuary
  18. The Rebellion at Kadesh-Barnea
  19. Kadesh-Barnea in Antitype
  20. Opposition to the Message
  21. The Altering of God's Purpose
  22. The Reward of Unbelief
  23. The Rejection of Divine Leadership
  24. The Retreat Toward Egypt
  25. Under the Divine Rebuke
  26. God's Love and Leadership
  27. The Test of Faith Repeated
  28. The Detour Around Edom
  29. The Vision of Christ and Calvary
  30. The Triumphs of Faith
  31. Satan's Final Efforts to Defeat Israel
  32. The Idolatry of Worldliness
  33. The Idolatry of Immorality
  34. Lest We Forget
  35. Victory and Righteousness by Faith
  36. The Promised Land

Abbreviations used in these studies:

Vol. 1 (- 9)










Testimonies for the Church—Volume One (volumes one through nine)

Prophets and Kings

Patriarchs and Prophets

Revised Version of the Bible

Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers

The Great Controversy

Christ Our Righteousness

Fenton's translation of the Bible

Moffatt's translation of the Bible

Weymoth translation of the Bible


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