The Repairing of Sam Brown

This intriguing little booklet, originally published in 48 small pages, well illustrates the struggles many people have had in trying to refute the law of God. Its straight, simple story is one that has for many years compelled readers to seek additional information on the Sabbath truth.

Chapter I - in 3 sections
Section 1 — Sam’s first exposure
Section 2 — Frank tries to help answer questions
Section 3 — Sam does some looking for himself
Chapter II - in 4 sections
Section 1 — The dinner table discussion
Section 2 — "What did you answer him about this?"
Section 3 — No hint of a change
Section 4 — Will Frank get fired from his new job?
Chapter III - in 7 sections
Section 1 — The preacher pays a visit
Section 2 — Old or New covenant Christians?
Section 3 — God blessed the Sabbath
Section 4 — The preacher is persistent
Section 5 — Has time been lost?
Section 6 — Are there two ways to get to heaven?
Section 7 — Sam gets sideswiped
Chapter IV - in 4 sections
Section 1 — Sarah Brown visits the Richards home
Section 2 — "Didn't you ask about the Sabbath question?"
Section 3 — Truth is often unpopular - but it's still truth
Section 4 — I'd rather have God on my side
Chapter V  — Sam gets repaired

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