The Gospel Herald -- Promoting the fundamentals of the 1888 message.

How Many Times Did Ellen White
Endorse the Message of
A.T. Jones and E.J. Waggoner
from 1888-1896?

Compiled by Ralph H. Blank, III

The following endorsements (1-336) have been taken verbatim from the four volumes of The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials. For the sake of brevity only the core statement or phrase is reproduced here, sometimes condensed. Each expresion listed has a direct reference to Jones or Waggoner, or both. The list is not complete. There are also many “negative” endorsements, rebukes to those who were rejecting or despising the message. These are not listed. The numbers in parentheses refer to the pages of the four-volume set.

  1. opened to you precious light (175)
  2. [light] shining forth in clear rays (175)
  3. men whom God has appointed (186)
  4. the people heard many precious things (205)
  5. the Lord has … given them a solemn message (210)
  6. old light placed where it should be (211)
  7. precious truths (217)
  8. I could respond to [the message] with all my heart (217)
  9. great and glorious truths (217)
  10. the Lord had given to my brethren the burden to proclaim this message (217)
  11. I knew it was the message for this time (217)
  12. a Christ-like spirit manifested (219)
  13. Elder E. J. Waggoner had conducted himself like a Christian gentleman (220)
  14. Elder Waggoner had taken the straightforward course … a Christian gentleman (222)
  15. all the evidence (223)
  16. the voice of the true Shepherd (223)
  17. men … I had reason to respect (228)
  18. He [the Lord] has given these men a work to do (228)
  19. a message to bear which is present truth (228)
  20. its fruits are good (228)
  21. the great treasure of truth (228)
  22. a life-giving message (229)
  23. the message of truth (267)
  24. the precious rays of heaven's light that God has sent them (267)
  25. the bread that cometh down from heaven (267)
  26. the truth as it is in Jesus (267)
  27. the very message the Lord has sent to the people (267)
  28. the deep movings of the Spirit of God (268)
  29. We seemed to breathe in the very atmosphere of heaven (268)
  30. the very message that I know to be present truth (274)
  31. great light for us at this time (276)
  32. God has made these men messengers (279)
  33. breaking to their souls the Bread of Life (280)
  34. clearly and simply defined (280)
  35. plan of salvation … made so clear that a child may understand (281)
  36. this message … is … present truth for this time (286)
  37. the Lord imparted to the speakers His grace in rich measure (288)
  38. precious subject of faith and the righteousness of Christ (291)
  39. Jones … patiently instructed the people (291)
  40. work … to make of none effect the labors of … Jones and my work (298)
  41. clear waters of the streams of Lebanon (305)
  42. servants whom the Lord sent … with messages of truth (317)
  43. many received it as light and truth (317)
  44. brethren whom the Lord sent with a message (322)
  45. light from heaven (334)
  46. this light that these men are presenting (349)
  47. the matchless charms of Christ (349)
  48. first clear teaching of this subject from any human lips I had heard (349)
  49. every fiber of my heart said, Amen (349)
  50. [Re:] Jones … do your duty … open the way before him (355)
  51. to pick some flaws in the messengers and in the message … grieved the Spirit of God (368)
  52. light flashed from the oracles of God … light too precious (387)
  53. we have precious light … present truth (387)
  54. His delegated messengers (398)
  55. reject Christ in the person of His messengers (398)
  56. reject Christ in rejecting the message He sends (399)
  57. messages of light to His people (400)
  58. those whom God has made channels of light (400)
  59. a message of light hope comfort for the people of God (404)
  60. the message that He would have come to them (406)
  61. refusing the message of mercy as the Jews did (406)
  62. the special work to arouse a lukewarm, slumbering church (414)
  63. the light of heaven (415)
  64. this message that Brother A. T. Jones has been giving to the church is the truth (416)
  65. the message of truth (418)
  66. the truth for this time (420)
  67. the heavenly inspiration of truth (420)
  68. the message of God (420)
  69. the message of truth (421)
  70. His chosen agents (422)
  71. His message and messengers (423)
  72. those whom God is using (443)
  73. large morsels from the Lord's table (447)
  74. Jones presented the Bible evidence of justification by faith (463)
  75. presented justification by faith in a plain, distinct manner marked simplicity (465)
  76. the workings of the Spirit of God (465)
  77. the most precious light given (467)
  78. the message and the messenger sent of God (499)
  79. the message the Lord sends (499)
  80. evidence to balance the mind in the right direction (499)
  81. light which God is giving to His people (512)
  82. God is working for us (512)
  83. heaven-sent light (512)
  84. the light of heaven (512)
  85. the messengers and the message (517)
  86. points of truth are investigated (528)
  87. your brethren have truth (528)
  88. men whom I know to be agents whom the Lord is using (529)
  89. come and learn just the ideas advanced (531)
  90. the Lord is giving fresh evidence of His truth in a new setting, that the way of the Lord may be prepared (534)
  91. new light God has sent light to His children (534)
  92. the light which God has been forcing in here upon us (537)
  93. it is the truth, brethren (537)
  94. light which God has sent you (538)
  95. God sends His messengers (538)
  96. new light that is brought in (540)
  97. light that God has given (541)
  98. the light (541)
  99. the messengers of God that I knew were His messengers (542)
  100. [the messengers] had a message for His people (542)
  101. my message [was] … right in harmony with the very message they were bearing (542)
  102. the message He has sent us during these last two years is from heaven (545)
  103. a privilege to stand by the side of my brethren [Jones and Waggoner] (545)
  104. the power of God attended the message (545)
  105. a message of light that came to them (545)
  106. God has set His hand to do this work (545)
  107. the message led to the confession of sin (545)
  108. the message of God (545)
  109. bringing out special light for the people (545)
  110. this message … should go to every church (545)
  111. the heavenly credentials (545)
  112. God has sent light (547)
  113. light pouring in on us … come up and accept the light (556)
  114. We have been hearing His voice more distinctly in the message that has been going for the last two years (559)
  115. the light and the truth … this precious truth (560)
  116. God has given precious truth at the right time to Brother Jones and Brother Waggoner (566)
  117. God has sent light (566)
  118. God has given us light in the right time (567)
  119. of heavenly origin (567)
  120. the messages that God sends … [as] at Minneapolis (571)
  121. the Lord was with Elder Waggoner as he spoke yesterday (607)
  122. the power of God in rich measure was hanging over us (607)
  123. the light God sends or His messages to us (608)
  124. God has sent men to bring us the truth … God had sent somebody to bring it to us (608)
  125. I accept it (608)
  126. Jesus Christ … is to be recognized in His messengers (608)
  127. there is light for us (612)
  128. God raised up men here to carry the truth to His people (614)
  129. this is the truth (614)
  130. Waggoner gave a most powerful discourse (617)
  131. God spoke through him [Waggoner] (617)
  132. Waggoner spoke very humbly (625)
  133. Waggoner spoke well (628)
  134. Waggoner gave a most precious discourse (629)
  135. the message [the Spirit of God] has given His servants to bear at the present time (631)
  136. the manifest movement of the Spirit of God (636)
  137. the light and the evidences presented since the Minneapolis meeting (638)
  138. His power He has manifested (639)
  139. God raised up men to carry the truth to His people (640)
  140. this is the truth (640)
  141. Jones talked very plainly, yet tenderly (642)
  142. God has raised up His messengers to do His work for this time (673)
  143. the message that would bring healing and life and comfort (673)
  144. Christ has registered speeches against His servants as against Himself (673)
  145. light which will lighten the earth with its glory (673)
  146. the light of truth (673)
  147. Heaven-sent light … in clear and steady rays (673)
  148. messages bearing the divine credentials set forth among us with beauty and loveliness (673)
  149. God has wrought among us (673)
  150. an array of arguments that the messenger himself did not know was so firm, so full, so thorough (703)
  151. was of God (703)
  152. that message which the Lord sends (703)
  153. the Spirit of God, the message and the messenger (733)
  154. Christ knocked for entrance the light of His glory, so nigh, was withdrawn (734)
  155. God opened the windows of heaven and sent rich floods of light (746)
  156. the Lord has sent a message to arouse His people (765)
  157. the new wine additional light (765)
  158. join the angels who are sent from heaven with a message to fill the whole earth with its glory (765)
  159. so great light (799)
  160. much precious light (828)
  161. light, precious light (828)
  162. His channels to communicate light (831)
  163. the opening providence of God (831)
  164. real heaven-sent message and messengers (831)
  165. the evidence God has given … brethren whom God is using (831)
  166. men of opportunity through whom He is working (838)
  167. not only, despising the message, but the messengers … the light which the Lord designed to come to His people (846)
  168. light which God has given (867)
  169. I heard a voice say … "close up the ranks by coming into line and uniting in the work wholeheartedly" (867)
  170. the truth and … those who advocated the truth (875)
  171. increased light for us (911)
  172. God's messages and messengers (911)
  173. treating the light sent them in the very same way that the Jews treated the light Christ brought them (911)
  174. ignore the Spirit of God (912)
  175. The Lord has been calling His people … But the message and the messengers have not been received but despised (913)
  176. In rejecting the messages given at Minneapolis, men committed sin (913)
  177. hatred against God's messengers (913)
  178. truth that the Holy Spirit has been urging home (913)
  179. light from the throne of God (915)
  180. men who should be respected, whom God is using (947)
  181. His chosen servants … evidence of His working (954)
  182. the best of evidence that the Lord has been communicating light through him [Waggoner] (977)
  183. greater light (992)
  184. the messengers whom He shall send (992)
  185. the Lord has raised up messengers and endued them with His Spirit (992)
  186. the message of heaven (992)
  187. your brethren [Jones and Waggoner] … whom the Lord is manifestly using to give light to His people (1004)
  188. God's delegated messengers (1009)
  189. God is giving light to the people (1009)
  190. whom the Lord is using (1009)
  191. They [i.e., those who oppose the message] will place the brother in a position that hurts his influence. If Christ has given that brother a message to bear, upon whom does the hurt come? Upon the Son of the infinite God (1011)
  192. those who are bearing the message of God to the world (1013)
  193. bearing a message from God to the people (1022)
  194. the Lord's messenger (1023)
  195. truth that is sent of God (1023)
  196. it has a freshness, a force, that gives it a convincing power to the hearer (1024)
  197. the message God has sent (1024)
  198. the Lord's messengers (1025)
  199. Him who has given them their work (1025)
  200. evidence that God is working through these instrumentalities (1026)
  201. The Lord has given abundance of evidence in messages of light and salvation (1030)
  202. the messengers and messages God has sent (1034)
  203. the messengers and messages He sends (1038)
  204. the Lord's anointed (1038)
  205. God sent these young men, Elders Jones and Waggoner (1043)
  206. the points of truth which they brought out (1044)
  207. men upon whom God has laid the burden of a solemn work (1045)
  208. the messengers of truth (1050)
  209. message and messenger as the word of God (1051)
  210. Gear to ridicule the message or the messenger (1052)
  211. true Christian will fear to make light of God's message (1052)
  212. the message of God to the Laodicean church (1052)
  213. the man and the message sent of God (1053)
  214. evidences that God has given to balance the mind in regard to the truth (1060)
  215. resisted the Spirit of God (1066)
  216. the Lord was working through Brethren Jones and Waggoner (1066)
  217. these men had a message from God (1066)
  218. light manifested at Minneapolis (1067)
  219. the preciousness of the truth sent them from heaven (1067)
  220. despising … the message and the message … . the word of the Lord (1068)
  221. the strong, clear light of that other angel … having great power (1070)
  222. the loud cry of the third angel has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ (1073
  223. This is the beginning of the light of the angel whose glory shall fill the whole earth (1073)
  224. the voice of Jesus, the true Shepherd (1084)
  225. the demonstration of truth before your eyes (1084)
  226. the leadings of the Holy Spirit of God (1084)
  227. the truth … shining in clear, distinct beams of light since the Minneapolis meeting (1106)
  228. the message nor the messengers by whom God shall send light to His people (1121)
  229. the message for this time (1122)
  230. for the starving flock of God (1122)
  231. Brother Jones has borne the message (1122)
  232. light and freedom and the outpouring of the Spirit of God have attended the word (1122)
  233. the message and the messengers I [the Lord] sent to My people with light, with grace and power (1126)
  234. evidence was piled upon evidence (1126)
  235. the messages God sends to His people (1127)
  236. the Lord's message (1128)
  237. the Lord's messengers (1128)
  238. light and truth at Minneapolis (1129)
  239. increased evidence from God as to where and how he is and has been working (1136)
  240. the work that brethren Jones and Waggoner have under God (1137)
  241. the message I [the Lord] sent through My servants (1138)
  242. bore the imprint of the Most High (1138)
  243. has the message to give to the people for this time (1139)
  244. the Lord has raised up men to give to the world a message to the people to prepare them to stand in the great day of God (1140)
  245. the work that has been going on since the Minneapolis meeting [is] of God (1141)
  246. the Lord is in this work (1141)
  247. the Lord's message or His messengers (1146)
  248. these men are working in their line (1147)
  249. the course … pursued toward Elder Jones … an offense to God (1156)
  250. every evidence that the Lord is using Elder Jones, Elder Waggoner (1156)
  251. the rich lessons you [A. T. Jones] have for them (1165)
  252. The Lord has raised up Brother Jones and Brother Waggoner to proclaim a message to the world to prepare a people to stand in the day of God (1208b)
  253. light from heaven (1210)
  254. the ministration of His Holy Spirit (1210)
  255. bright beams of the Sun of righteousness (1212)
  256. God's heaven-sent blessings (1212)
  257. I have more confidence in them today than I have had in the past (1240)
  258. the Lord's chosen messengers … "mine anointed my prophets" (1241)
  259. the Lord's chosen messengers, beloved of God (1241)
  260. they have cooperated with God (1241)
  261. God's ambassadors (1242)
  262. have responded by imparting the heavenly light to others (1242)
  263. God's messengers (1242)
  264. God working wondrously through him (1244)
  265. from the lips of the messenger, marvelous things out of the living oracles (1244)
  266. fed us with the bread from heaven (1244)
  267. men chosen of God (1245)
  268. the Lord has chosen men to bear light and messages of great importance to the people (1245)
  269. God … selecting the very men whom He did select (1245)
  270. God has chosen the very men He wanted (1245)
  271. these men have carried forward the work (1245)
  272. have been the mouthpiece for God (1245)
  273. Those men are chosen of the Lord (1246)
  274. step quickly into the path marked out for them, as these two brethren have done (1246)
  275. the chosen of God (1247)
  276. the draught from the wells of salvation (1247)
  277. men who were chosen to give the message which the people needed (1247)
  278. men whom God was using (1247)
  279. chosen agents of God (1247)
  280. faithful watchmen (1248)
  281. borne the message of God (1248)
  282. the Lord has given them their message (1248)
  283. men to whom God has given the message of truth (1249)
  284. brethren who have been doing His work (1249)
  285. message God has given (1249)
  286. very men whom God has entrusted with a message (1299)
  287. the message and the messengers (1300)
  288. men who have borne this gospel message (1300)
  289. His chosen messengers (1300)
  290. the messengers and message God has sent (1303)
  291. the message or the messengers (1309)
  292. God's delegated servants (1309)
  293. heaven-sent message (1309)
  294. truth spoken in demonstration of the Spirit (1336)
  295. a most precious message (1336)
  296. the message God commanded given to the world (1337)
  297. God gave His servants a testimony (1338)
  298. the testimony that must go throughout the length and breadth of the world (1339)
  299. the message He has given His servants (1339)
  300. His messengers (1339)
  301. the messengers of God's righteousness (1341)
  302. whom the Lord recognized as His servants (1341)
  303. Christ's delegated messengers (1342)
  304. the message the Lord in mercy sent you (1344)
  305. God has given Brother Jones and Brother Waggoner a message for the people (1353)
  306. God has upheld them (1353)
  307. He has given them precious light (1353)
  308. their message has fed the people of God (1353)
  309. reject the message borne by these men, you reject Christ, the Giver of the message (1353)
  310. the messages God has been giving His people (1395)
  311. Eld. Jones and Waggoner were given a special work to do for these last days (1395)
  312. the messages God sends (1395)
  313. the messengers and the message He hath sent (1410)
  314. the righteousness of Christ by faith (1436)
  315. the messenger and the messages God has given him to proclaim (1473)
  316. Hating Jesus Christ in the form of His saints! (1475)
  317. showers from heaven of the latter rain (1478)
  318. this manifestation of the Holy Spirit (1479)
  319. the Holy Spirit's working (1479)
  320. the Spirit of the Lord has been upon His messengers (1485)
  321. sent with light, precious light (1485)
  322. the men whom God sent with a message of blessing for His people (1525)
  323. the Lord's chosen messengers (1526)
  324. the very men whom God has used to present light (1526)
  325. the light that is to lighten the whole earth with its glory was resisted (1575)
  326. God's servants who have borne to them the message of mercy from heaven (1642)
  327. servants of God with a heaven-sent message (1647)
  328. They may talk strongly; but is it not needed? (1647)
  329. God sees the temperament of the men He has chosen (1648)
  330. earnest, firm, determined, strong-feeling men (1648)
  331. the Lord has taken men who were boys when you were standing at the forefront of the battle, given them the message and the work which you did not take on you (1648)
  332. work … carried forward in Christ's lines (1651)
  333. His messengers … God's message (1651)
  334. the messages sent from heaven (1656)
  335. the truth of the heaven-sent message (1656)
  336. most powerful truth to present (1756)

The following endorsements are from sources
other than The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials.

  1. the truth, goodness, mercy, and love of God as they had never before seen it (Review and Herald, Feb. 12, 1889)
  2. true light, in remarkable symmetry and beauty (ibid.)
  3. the message … the voice of the heavenly merchantman (MS. 4,1889)
  4. His [Christ's] counsels (Review and Herald, July 3, 1889)
  5. His [Christ's] delegated messengers (ibid.)
  6. precious words … from the Great Teacher (ibid., Sept. 3, 1889)
  7. His delegated servants … the servants of the Lord (ibid.)
  8. they knew that the message … came from God … a message from God (ibid.)
  9. its fruit is unto holiness (ibid.)
  10. light from Heaven (ibid.)
  11. agents whom God shall choose (Review and Herald, Dec. 24, 1889)
  12. the light that God would have come to His children (ibid.)
  13. light is flashing from the throne of God … that a people may be prepared to stand in the Day of God (Review and Herald, March 4, 1890)
  14. the message of God upon this subject … fresh light (Review and Herald, April 1, 1890)
  15. It is the Third Angel's Message in verity (ibid.)
  16. the messenger, and the messages God sends to His people (Signs of the Times, May 26,1890)
  17. men whom God has educated to act a special part in His work (ibid.)
  18. God has messengers and messages for His people (ibid.)
  19. this blessed truth (Review and Herald, Aug. 19, 1890)
  20. the light which God has permitted to shine (ibid.)
  21. bright beams of light (Review and Herald, Oct. 21, 1890)
  22. the message and the messenger that God sends (ibid.)
  23. that which God had commanded to be built up (ibid.)
  24. the message of God … the messengers of God (Letter, Nov. 25, 1890, Brooklyn, New York)
  25. it is a message sent from Heaven (ibid.)
  26. the message which God has given him (Review and Herald, Dec. 16, 1890)
  27. the work God has given him to do (ibid.)
  28. the message of the Spirit of God … the message and the messenger (ibid.)
  29. the fruit borne by the message (ibid.)
  30. the message and the messenger whom God has sent (Review and Herald, July 25, 1893)
  31. those upon whom sacred responsibility is laid … the servants of God (ibid.)
  32. lips that have been touched with a live coal from off the altar (Review and Herald, Aug. 8, 1893)
  33. a feast of fat things (ibid.)
  34. the heaven-sent refreshing of the shower of grace (Review and Herald, Feb. 13, 1894)
  35. new light … the message … the messenger … whom God has sent with a message of truth (Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, p. 60)
  36. men have despised Christ in person of His messengers (Fundamentals of Christian Education, p. 472)
  37. the true religion, the only religion of the Bible (Testimonies to Ministers, p. 468)
  38. a bright light shines upon our pathway (Gospel Workers, old edition, pp. 104, 105)

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