What is the Primacy of the Gospel Committee?

The General Conference appointed the Primacy of the Gospel Committee, a group of scholars and theologians, to meet with six members of the 1888 Message Study Committee on an ongoing basis. This has continued about twice a year for several years. The Purpose: to study into the concepts of the message which Jones and Waggoner brought to the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1888 through most of the 1890's, when Ellen White endorsed them as having "heavenly credentials" and declared their message to be "most precious" and "the beginning" of the loud cry and the latter rain.

Crucial to all discussions are certain fundamental questions: was the "most precious message" of Jones and Waggoner accepted a century ago? If not, when was the opposition overcome and the message truly accepted? Is it clearly perceived and proclaimed today? Is the "righteousness by faith" message "the Lord sent" to Seventh-day Adventists in the 1888 era the same as the "righteousness by faith" of the popular Sunday-keeping churches? If not, what are the essential differences? Most important of all, Does Scripture clearly uphold the unique essentials of the 1888 message?

The Bible study "outlines" included here were presented to the Primacy of the Gospel Committee in an attempt to answer these questions.

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