The Gospel Herald

June 10, 1945


Elder J.S. Washburn
#404 W. Washington St.
Hagerstown, Md.


Dear Brother Washburn:-

Received your letter yesterday, and glad to learn you are at home once more, and I hope that you had a pleasant time during your stay at Takoma Park.

Am enclosing with this copy of that article, rather interview I had with Sister White. I should say this to you about that interview. Please remember, that Sister White did not write this. She started to tell me some things. I recognized at once that what she had to say was important. The way she began to speak. So I got a pencil and put down what she said. Then as soon as I was able, after she finished telling me, I transposed what she said, that I had written on the paper while she was talking, on to a typewriter, and the enclosed is the result. Sister McEnterfer her secretary and nurse and traveling companion was present, I feel certain when we had the interview.

I felt it was necessary for me to give you this explanation, so in case you should have occasion to say anything to any one about it, you would have the matter straight, and no one, neither you nor I, would have any misinformed come back.

I do not know of but two other persons but you and I who have this document. So I thought it might be well for you to know this.

Always glad to hear from you. May be some time I can send you an article or two that might be of interest to you.

Sincerely your brother in Christ,

[signed] F. C. Gilbert

This is a letter of explanation written to J. S. Washburn which accompanies
the following interview between F. C. Gilbert and Ellen G. White.

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