Dorothy Conklin

Mrs. Conklin spent twenty-two years as a Bible teacher in Massachusetts, Texas, and New York. Her formal education included the completion of work for the baccalaureate degree at Aura college in Illinois, and graduate study at a theological seminary in Washington, D.C.

These years of Bible study and teaching find their fruitage in this penetrating analysis of the work of the Holy Spirit in the daily life of the Christian.


To Helen, whose lamp burns with a steady glow; with grateful acknowledgement to the other members of the study group where the purpose of this book first took shape.


Chapter 1

Oil for the Virgins Lamps

Chapter 2

Oil From the Olive Trees

Chapter 3

Possessor of the Saints

Chapter 4

Possession of the Saints

Chapter 5

Power Line

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Voice of Conscience

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Reservoir of Love

Chapter 10

Character Builder

Chapter 11

Cure for Laodicean Blindness

Chapter 12

Keeper of the Seal

Chapter 13

Gift Withdrawn
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