These Bible study "outlines" are some of the material which the six appointed members of the 1888 Message Study Committee have presented to the Primacy of the Gospel Committee.*

The General Conference reaction to these Bible studies will eventually be published when the Committee meetings come to an end (probably in early 2000).** Meanwhile  we solicit criticism and input from interested readers (please mail, fax, or e-mail; information given below). The issues are very serious. The world needs to hear the truth of the "third angel's message in verity" which Ellen White characterized as the 1888 view of righteousness by faith.

And time is short!

*The six include: Brian Schwartz, Sidney Sweet, Lloyd Knecht,
Gerald L. Finneman, Donald K. Short, and Robert J. Wieland

Bible Study One: In Order to Save us, Christ Had to Take our Fallen, Sinful Nature
Bible Study Two: In Order to Be Our High Priest, Christ Must Take Our Fallen, Sinful Nature
Bible Study Three: Character Perfection vis-a-vis the Second Coming of Christ
Bible Study Four: Preparation for Christ's Coming: A Day of Atonement Ministry
Bible Study Five: The 1888 Message Sees the Cross From Another Perspective
          Part I: The Old Testament Evidence
Bible Study Six: What did Christ Accomplish by His Sacrifice?
          Part II: The New Testament Evidence
Bible Study Seven: The Powerful Message of the Two Covenants
Bible Study Eight: The Gospel the Transcends Both Calvinism and Arminianism
Bible Study Nine: The Dynamics of the Constraining Power of Agape
Bible Study Ten: The Soul-winning Effectiveness of the 1888 Concepts
Appendix A: The 1888 View of the Two Covenants
Appendix B: The Bible View of Corporate Repentance ( With Ellen White Insights)
For Further Study Books, videos, individual studies, seminars available
Studies contributed by Brian Schwartz, Sidney Sweet, Lloyd Knecht,
Gerald. L. Finneman, Donald K. Short, and Robert J. Wieland



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Published  exclusively on this site, with permission 6/16/2000.

This report has been published and can be viewed at the Biblical Research Institute Web site.

If you are more comfortable reading in the Spanish language, this link provides many resources for 1888 message materials as well as comment on the Primacy of the Gospel Committee Report.