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Lucifer was once an honored angel, a cherub. He was perfect in beauty, full of wisdom, and was admitted to the holy mountain of God, where he walked in the midst of the stones of fire. He was in Eden, the garden of God, of which the one on earth was evidently a copy. His ways were perfect, and God gave him the work of "covering," and also anointed him.

But Lucifer was not satisfied. He was envious of God, he became lifted up because of his beauty; he corrupted his wisdom because of his brightness, and decided upon a course which he hoped would make him equal to God. He went so far that he said, "I am a God, I sit in the seat of God."

Most people like to have their own way. It is an almost universal trait. Yet all should know that it is not given to anyone to have his way most or even much of the time. It is one of the laws of life that this is not to be.

What child is there who does not plan to do just as he pleases when he grows up! While children are small they are compelled by their elders to do many things that they do not like to do. They promise themselves that when they grow up things will be different. They are not going to be ordered around all their lives. They feel that their parents, older brothers and sisters, teachers—everybody—have conspired to make life miserable for them. They are wishing for the time to come when they will be independent of all these. Then they will do as they please.

But alas, they soon find out that the time never comes when they can have their own way. They might finish school and have no more teachers to annoy them; they may establish their own home to get away from parental discipline; they may establish their own business, so as to be independent. But all is of no avail. They still cannot have their own way. Life does not permit them.

Kings do not have their own way. Presidents do not. Even dictators have their difficulties. Only God, says one, has His own way. But God does not have His own way. Probably He has His way less often than anyone else. Sin has come in. Men resist God. He does not have His way with us. In very few lives, in fact, does He rule. No, God does not have His way. If He did, sin and death would be no more, and many things on this earth would be different.

It is one of the "given" things of life that we are not to have our own way. Yet all are struggling to have it. Nations, statesmen, individuals—all are engaged in a futile struggle for supremacy, all trying to get their way, when a little reflection should make it clear that they are attempting the impossible, for there are too many conflicting interests. We might as well learn to adjust ourselves to the inevitable, and we would be much happier for it.

Life is a matter of adjustment. We are here on earth to learn to adjust ourselves. He who learns it well learns to live. He who refuses to adjust himself thereby proclaims himself unfit to associate with others. If we are to live together in peace and harmony in this world or in the world to come, we must learn to get along with others and give them due respect. Only thus is a harmonious and successful life possible. This is one of the chief lessons of life, and only as and when we learn it are we ready for the life to come.

Is it Possible—Does God Run a Risk?

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