Understanding God’s Everlasting Covenant

Ann Walper

September 5, 2003


Part 1 - Suzerain Covenant Defined

Part 2 - Israel and the Suzerain Covenant

Part 3 - Israel's Breach of Covenant Contract

Part 4 - Yahweh's Everlasting Covenant

Part 5 - Covenant of Grace (Land Grant Formula Defines Abrahamic Covenant of Grace)

Part 6 - Unilateral Gift From the King

Part 7 - Suzerain Treaty Contrasted with Royal Land Grant

Part 8 - Historic Adventist Position on the Law in Galatians and the Covenants

Part 9 - Waggoner’s View of the Everlasting Covenant

Part 10 - Released from the Charge of Legalism

  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Sources

The 2003 production date is when these thoughts were originally developed. This document has evolved over time. There are still many editorial issues to address and thoughts to flesh out. Please be kind in your comments realizing that this is a work in progress . . .


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