The Gospel Herald -- Promoting the fundamentals of the 1888 message.


  1. The Persistent Question of the Centuries

  2. An Ultimate, Authoritative Standard Needed

  3. The Inerrant Source of Truth

  4. Life and Death

  5. The Creation of Man

  6. The Divine Purpose in Creation

  7. The Redemption of the Lost Race

  8. Absolute and Conditional Life

  9. Immortality

  10. The Bible and Immortality

  11. Sin and Sinners Not Immortal

  12. A Fountain of ‘Deadly Error’

  13. The Origin of Modern Spiritism

  14. Ancient Spirit Manifestations

  15. Spirit Manifestations in the New Testament

  16. Spirit Manifestations in the Christian Era

  17. Spirit Manifestations in Heathen Lands

  18. God Condemned and Prohibited Spiritism

  19. Trying the Spirits

  20. The Dead Cannot Communicate

  21. Where Are the Dead?

  22. The Witch of Endor

  23. Death, Sleep, and Time

  24. Will We Know Each Other There?

  25. The Words “Eternal,” “Everlasting,” “Forever”

  26. The Words “Eternal,” “Everlasting,” “Forever” (Concluded)

  27. The Rich Man and Lazarus

  28. The Rich Man and Lazarus (Concluded)

  29. Absent From the Body; Present With the Lord

  30. Paul’s Desire to Depart

  31. “Today Shalt Thou Be With Me in Paradise”

  32. The Transfiguration of Christ

  33. The Spirit That Returns to God at Death

  34. Baptism for the Dead and Spirits in Prison

  35. The Sacrifice of Christ

  36. Death and the Second Advent of Christ

  37. The Wages of Sin

  38. The Punishment of the Wicked

  39. The Future Life of the Redeemed

  40. The Certain Return of Jesus Christ

  41. The Resurrection of the Blessed Dead

  42. The Eternal Conquest of Death

  43. “The Things Which God Hath Prepared”

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