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An Interview with Sister White at St. Helena, June 8, 1910.

There was a reproof given to Daniells and Prescott at the time of the General Conference at Washington. Prescott wanted to work himself and his ideas into the minds of the people. If he did, I know that he would work himself out. We have a testing message to give to the people, and we do not want to get the people stirred up about a little item that does not affect our salvation. What they are doing is to try and work up a lot of jots and tittles.

I was shown Prescott’s case, and saw that he ought to be engaged in better business. There was a paper presented to us that he was looking over, and he was working over it and trying to find something that was different from what other people had. There was nothing in it that was of any effect to the people; and therefore they ought to spend their time in spreading the message, and in doing the work that should be done in the cities.

They had to be getting up something new, and of course by doing so they would not give the older brethren in the cause any chance to say anything that these older brethren knew about the early days of the message. In the work they are doing they are taking up hours and hours of the time of the people, and it all does not amount to anything. We have a life and death question to settle, and what is needed is to teach the people how to meet this great vital testing message.

When they did not accept my message of reproof I knew what they would do and I knew what Daniells would do in getting the people all stirred up. I have not written to Prescott because his wife is so very sick, and so did not feel like writing to him at the present time. Daniells was here to see me, and I would not see him on any point, and I would not have anything to

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say to him about anything. About this daily that they are trying to work up, there is nothing in it, and it is not a testing point of character. What we want is to know about the things which are vital, and which affect our salvation.

There is no need of anything of this kind being taken up at all with the people; they will get the people off the real vital work of the message, and there is nothing of any consequence in this thing they are agitating.

I have just been writing to Elder Daniells to get the work done in the cities. This is the work that ought to be done, and they are not to bother with these other things. When I was at Washington there seemed to be something that just encased their minds, and I could not seem to touch them. We are to have nothing to do with this question of the daily; we are to have our minds on more vital points of the message.

When I gave them my message and saw the way they treated it, I knew that the Lord would work against them. I knew they would work against my message, and then the people would not think there was anything in my message. They are taking the minds of the people off the testing message for this time. I have written to him, and told him that he was showing himself not fit to be President of this General Conference. He was showing that he was not the man to keep the Presidency.

If this message of the daily were a testing message the Lord would have shown me. These people do not see the end from the beginning in this thing. This work they are doing is to divide the people of God, and to take their minds off the testing truths for these last times. I utterly refuse to see any of them who are engaged in this work.

The light that was given me of God is that Brother Daniells has stood in the Presidency long enough. He was there as long as God wanted him there. When he comes here and switches the people off as he

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has, the Lord has no more use for him as the President of the General Conference, and I was told not to have any more conversations with him about any of these things.

I would not see Daniells about the matter, and I would not have one word with him. They pled with me that I would give him an interview, but I would not give him any at all. They have stirred up the minds of the people about these things.

God is testing these men, and they are showing how they are standing the test, and how they stand with regard to the Testimonies. They have shown by their actions how much confidence they have in the Testimonies. I was told to warn our people not to have anything to do with this thing they are teaching. They are to give no attention to it at all, as there is nothing in it that amounts to a single thing; they must have something that no one else has. There is no test about this matter; there is no life and death question about it, its purpose is simply to distract the mind, and to divert the attention away from the truth for this time. You see there is nothing to it, and the light that was given to me was that I was forbidden of the Lord to listen to it.

I have expressed myself as not having a particle of confidence in it. I saw how that they had a paper in their hands, and they wanted to get a hearing on this question at Loma Linda; but I saw I had nothing to do with it, and there was nothing to be done about it.

I saw why it was that Daniells was rushing this thing through from place to place; for he knew that I would work against it. That is why I know they did not stand the testing. I knew they would not receive it. The time has come when his Presidency should come to an end. He has been in too long. This whole thing they are doing is a scheme of the devil. He has been president too long, and should not be there any longer.

These notes were taken in an interview with Ellen G. White by F. C. Gilbert.
See the letter of explanation written to J. S. Washburn about how this interview was recorded.

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