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Righteousness by Faith and the Cleansing of the Sanctuary. The cleansing of the sanctuary in relation to justification by faith can hardly be overemphasized. The 1888 message made the cleansing of the sanctuary to be a practical subject. This is how the two great rivers, the sanctuary truth and justification by faith, joined together.

An overview of the books of first and second Kings. Discover the structure and connections with other books of the Bible.

A verse by verse study of the book of Jude. Can we really be kept from sinning?

Psalm 22 and the atonement. Psalm 22 is a transcript as if there were a stenographer present at Calvary. This stenographer took down the thoughts that Jesus had, his prayer.

What happens to us when we die? Do we go off to some never-never land and sit on a wet cloud playing a harp for eternity? Or, perhaps we are assigned to pay off some debt and sit in smoky heat for a few thousand years? Maybe we are assigned to burning torment for all eternity? Find out what the Bible says.

Life, Death, and Immortality—Birth and death bound our human existence as far as human knowledge and experience can discern. What becomes of man at the end of life? Answer those tough questions.

The Other side of Death — Amid the maze of theories on this great question there are three views accepted by Christians which stand out above all others.

The Non-Flesh Diet of the Remnant Church In the recorded history of the Bible there have been five periods of either prohibition, or permission for flesh eating. Please note the difference between permission and God telling the people to actually do something. Download the PDF of this study.

The Gnostics believed that all matter was evil, and especially the human body was corrupt. Paul's discussion in 1 Timothy 4, was an attempt to combat this false Gnostic concept. Discover truth about the use of the word "flesh" in the New Testament.

Who is Michael the archangel? (This study is currently in the editing process. Bookmark this page for easy return.)

Genesis—the book of beginnings. Who are the "giants" mentioned in chapter six. Learn how Enoch, and we, can "walk with God."

Glad Tidings Study guide #1. This is the first lesson in a series of studies available from the 1888 Message Study Committee. This study is also available in PDF format for printing and study off-line.

Christ in Four Dimensions The synoptic gospels portray Christ in various aspects: Matthew reveals Christ as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Mark show Christ as the toiling servant, Luke portrays Him as the Son of man, John reveals Him in soaring vision.

Which is it?—faith AND works, or faith WHICH works? You decide.

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