The Mystery of 1888

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  1. The Mystery of 1888

Hebrew History

The Problem

  1. Major Opinions On What "We See"

A Circuitous Record

  1. Conflicting Views Of What "We See"

Daniells versus Froom

What Does Daniells See?

  1. Does History Confirm That "We See"?

History versus Froom

Victory in Our History

"Some" Accepting

Testimony of the Twelve Best Informed

"Verdict of Determining Evidence"

    1. No Vote
    2. Leaders Did Not Reject
    3. Confessions
    4. Temporary Chairman
    5. Acting President
    6. Prominent Preaching
    7. Adventism Personified
    8. Some Definitely Rejected
    9. Approval of Confessions
    10. Editor-in-Chief
    11. Stream of Literature
    12. No Subsequent Vote
    13. Recorded Declarations
  1. Does Ellen G. White Proclaim That "We See"?

Ellen G. White versus Froom

  1. Many Ministers Not Converted, Sermon No. 1
  2. Generalship of Satan, Sermon No. 3
  3. Like the Pharisees, Sermon No. 5
  4. Strong-minded Opposers, Sermon No. 7
  5. Heart of the Problem, Sermon No. 8

The Letter To Mary

The "Peerless Witness

  1. Men Say That "We See"

Several Writers Assert "We See"


  1. 1888 Message Not Recognized
  2. Preacher Disparaged
  3. The Doctrine
  4. Getting Better
  5. Zeal to Protect


  1. Light and Victory
  2. Spiritual Awakening
  3. Same Doctrine as Others Have
  4. Period of Revival


  1. Conflict of Personalities
  2. Could So Few Create So Much
  3. Both Parties to Blame
  4. One Right Spirit
  5. Message Not Recognized


Latter Rain Falling


  1. The Mystery of Victory
  2. Progressive Years
  3. How Many Were Involved
  4. No Official Rejection, No Vote
  5. Problems Following 1888
  6. Repentance Spurned
  7. Confused Understanding
  8. The Laity Will Be Rejected


  1. Resurgence of Study
  2. Errors Have Been Removed
  1. "Guidelines" On What "We See"
  2. Can "We See" Better Than The Seer?

Ellen G. White Versus Ellen G. White Estate

  1. The Intent of the Author
  2. Explanation and Interpretation
  3. No Vote Concept
  4. The "Some" Philosophy
  5. Enormous Anomalies
  6. There Was No Reception
  7. Was She Elijah?
  8. Reception of the Message
  9. Reconstructed History

Is There a Conspiracy?

  1. "That They Which See Not Might See"

Why Did They Speak?

The Lessons Are For Us

Ministers Are Involved

The Jews and Us

Who Rejected Christ?

Leaders Can Be Blind

The Parting of the Ways

A New Theory



Appendix A, Letter, July 11, 1950

Appendix B, Letter, July 18, 1950

Appendix C, Letter, February 27, 1952