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Two Spirits

The True Holy Spirit

The False Holy Spirit

The true Holy Spirit is a comforter in that He convicts us of sin and directs us to Jesus, the one who saves us from sin. In contrast, the false holy spirit comforts us by saying that we are OK, we can and will be saved in sin. It brings us to the place where we boast that we are saved.
The true Holy Spirit makes every spot of defilement painfully distinct. He lays bare our deformity and defects of character. The false holy spirit anesthetizes, blurs, and evades our sense of guilt for our unchristlike selfishness. He excuses our character deformity as universal: nobody is perfect, deformity is normalcy.
The true Holy Spirit opens our eyes so that we may see our own heart infidelity and unhallowed desires. The false holy spirit excuses our adulterous fantasies as uncontrollable, inevitable, harmless, and a normal way of life.
The true Holy Spirit exposes our disloyalty in making void the law of God. The false holy spirit represents the law of God as virtually impossible to truly obey.
The true Holy Spirit teaches us to abhor the principle of self-love. The false holy spirit teaches us that self-love is desirable and in fact is a requirement for proper self-esteem.
The true Holy Spirit teaches us to hate our selfishness and our human pride. While the false holy spirit encourages flattery and to affirm ourselves.

The true Holy Spirit:

  • Teaches lowliness of mind and to esteem others better than ourselves.
  • It imparts to us true self-respect in Christ as we glory in the cross.

In contrast, the false holy spirit:

  • Discounts Paul's counsel.
  • It teaches us to glory in self-assertion and encourages self-centered self esteem.
  • He creates a religious arrogance among the body of Christ; thus Christ's condescension is virtually ignored.
The true Holy Spirit brings to our understanding how enmity against God has defiled every act of our lives. While the false holy spirit assures us that self-denial is the root of all our problems.
The true Holy Spirit reveals to us the pure spotless character of Christ as our true ideal which is attainable by faith. The false holy spirit teaches us that Christ's character is unattainable; that he is our Substitute only, and that righteousness is only imputed.

The true Holy Spirit convicts us of righteousness and presents Christ as our example as well as our substitute. His righteousness is imparted as well as imputed to us.

The false holy spirit specializes in beclouding the incarnation of Christ so that He appears as only naturally holy, His righteousness is not truly by faith, and thus the nature of Christ is seen to be irrelevant to us.
The true Holy Spirit reveals to us that Christ came in the likeness of sinful flesh, and condemned sin in the flesh.

While the false holy spirit presents Christ as coming in holy flesh, thus not truly condemning sin in our flesh.

This being the case, the false holy spirit encourages us to continue in sin until glorification.

The true Holy Spirit:

  • Convicts of judgment.
  • It condemns the principle of self-love and vanquishes it from our lives.
  • It replaces our self-centered motivation with a Christ centered motivation.
  • It brings to our understanding the principle of the cross and a concern for Christ's honor and glory.

The false holy spirit justifies the sin in our lives which is never truly vanquished or condemned.

He perpetuates a self-centered motivation in our thinking which focuses on a fear of punishment or the hope of an eternal reward as the only effective motivations for living a Christian life.

The true Holy Spirit gives us a deep hunger for righteousness and guides us into all truth.

He builds in us a strong desire and love for truth that no man can dislodge by seeking unity under the guise of consensus.

The false holy spirit:

  • Encourages self-satisfaction and makes us believe that we are in need of nothing.
  • It perpetuates our lukewarmness by destroying our hunger for truth.
  • Thus our Christianity is driven by concern for unity based on consensus.
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