Made Like His Brethren

Thoughtful Seventh-day Adventists are perplexed and constrained to ponder the reason why the second advent has been so long delayed. "Time" is expensive. The longer the delay the greater the cost in human woe and suffering. This plight of the human race must be of great concern to the heavenly host. God's justice is facing a crisis.

What can heaven do to bring the reign of sin to an end? The Creator's investment in humanity is yet to be fully appreciated even by Christians. The majority believe that Jesus' sojourn in human nature in this world was like a loan made with exacting repayment conditions. The idea prevails that mankind must do something to appease and pay off an angry God. Until the truth is brought into the open God's name will con­tinue to be held in contempt.

This book seeks to explore some of the reasons for the existing confusion and delay. Is the problem ours or is it God's? Could the delay have anything to do with understand­ing our Lord Jesus, His relation to sin, and why He was "made like unto His brethren"? The church needs to know. While the world waits and suffers, God suffers too!


Chapter 1 — Is There Confusion Among Adventists

Chapter 2 — Why Should Adventists Be Confused?

Chapter 3 — We Have Created Our Own Confusion

Chapter 4 — When Will We See Our Confusion?

Chapter 5 — The Word Will Remove Our Confusion

Chapter 6 — Truth Knows No Confusion

Chapter 7 — Babylon Creates Confusion

Chapter 8 — The Gospel Destroys Confusion

Chapter 9 — A Diagnosis Without Confusion

Chapter 10 — No Confusion: Brethren Made Like Him



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