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Sabbath Studies

The Sabbath and Redemption

The Sabbath is more than a day of physical and mental relaxation. It is even more than the day on which we worship. The Sabbath has a definite redemptive significance—a distinct connection with the everlasting gospel.

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God’s Spiritual Rest

God’s rest is a spiritual experience into which the soul enters upon conversion. In the unregenerate man there is unrest and strife. Then comes the blessed day of surrender.

There Remaineth a Rest

The Sabbath is a time when the spent spirit may catch it’s breath, and man may look into the face of God
and be refreshed.

The Lost Day

In his book Answers to Objections, Francis D. Nichol explores where the lost time recorded by Joshua (10:8-13) and Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:8-11) really went.

The Repairing of Sam Brown

“But, Sam,” his wife interrupted his meditations, “you’re a deacon in our church; didn’t you show him that Saturday is the wrong day to keep?”

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