Gospel Herald

Truth Triumphant

Benjamin G. Wilkinson




1. What Is the Church in the Wilderness?

2. The Church in the Wilderness in Prophecy

3. The Apostolic Origins of the Church in the Wilderness

4. The Silent Cities of Syria

5. Lucian and the Church in Syria

6. Vigilantius, Leader of the Waldenses

7. Patrick, Organizer of the Church in the Wilderness in Ireland

8. Columba and the Church in Scotland

9. Papas, First Head of the Church in Asia

10. How the Church Was Driven Into the Wilderness

11. Dinooth and the Church in Wales

12. Aidan and the Church in England

13. Columbanus and the Church in Europe

14.The Church in Europe after the Time of Columbanus

15. Early Waldensian Heroes

16. The Church of the Waldenses

17. Aba and the Church in Persia

18. Timothy of Bagdad; The Church Under Mohammedan Rule

19. The St. Thomas Christians of India

20. The Great Struggle in India

21. Adam and the Church in China

22. Marcos of Peking

23. The Church in Japan and the Philippines

24. The Remnant Church Succeeds the Church in the Wilderness


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