Second Angelís Message

  • Heb. 10:32-34. Many rejected the first angelís message and persecuted those who accepted it.
  • Rev. 14:8. The second angel followed, announcing the fall of Babylon.
  • Rev. 17:5, 6. Babylon is the power that put to death the martyrs of Jesus.
  • Rev. 17:5, 18. Babylon represents an apostate church.
  • Rev. 17:5. The term Babylon includes mother and daughters.
  • Gen. 11:7, 9, margin. Babylon means confusion.
  • Rev. 14:8. Lest any should doubt that Babylon is fallen, it is repeated twice. Gen. 41:32. The daughters as well as the mother are fallen.
  • Rev. 18:1-5. The message repeated with greater force.
  • Rev. 18:1. Great power attends the giving of the message.
  • Rev. 18:2. It is given when the "daughter churches" have become wholly corrupt.
  • Rev. 18:3. Unlawful connection with the nations the crowning sin.
  • 2 Cor. 11:2; Eph. 5:23. Christ is the head of the church. When the churches appeal to the earthly governments to make religious laws, they are committing fornication and are unfaithful to their true husband, Christ.
  • Rev. 17:3, 6. The mother church is represented as guiding the civil power, and being drunk with the blood of martyrs.
  • Rev. 18:3. This union of church and state to be world-wide.
  • Rev. 18:4. God calls His people out of Babylon; all who refuse receive of her plagues.

Third Angelís Message

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