Third Angelís Message

  • Rev. 14:9-12. This is the most solemn message in the Bible.
  • Rev. 14:14. It is the last message before the coming of Christ.
  • Rev. 14:9. It follows the first and second messages and is world-wide. Is addressed to "any man": none are excluded. It is a warning against the worship of the beast and its image.
  • Rev. 13:5-7. The beast is the power that persecuted the saints for 42 months, or 1260 years.
  • Dan. 7:25. The power that persecuted the people of God for 1260 years thinks to change the law of God. One power has arisen that claims to change the law of God.

We quote from their own writings as follows:

"Q. What are the days which the church commands to be kept holy? Ö

"A. Ö First the Sunday, or Lordís day, which we observe by apostolic example instead of the Sabbath.

"Q. What warrant have you for keeping Sunday preferably to the ancient Sabbath which was Saturday?

"A. We have for it the authority of the Catholic church and apostolic tradition. Ö"

Catholic Christian Instructed. chap., 23, p. 272.

  • Ex. 20:8-11. The law of God commands us to keep the seventh day, or Saturday, holy.
  • 1 Sam. 15:22. Obedience highest type of worship. Gen. 22:5.
  • 1 Kings 18:21. As in Elijahís day, all are asked to decide whom they will serve. Joshua 24:15.
  • Rev. 13:8. Only those whose names are in the book of life refuse to worship the beast.
  • Rev. 14:10. Those who obey the beast receive his mark and drink the unmixed wrath of God.
  • Rev. 15:1, 7. The unmixed wrath of God is the seven last plagues.
  • Rev. 14:9, 10. The seven last plagues are poured out on those who worship the beast and his image and receive his mark.
  • Eze. 9:1-11. Ezekiel describes this work.
  • Ps. 91:1-10. The righteous are shielded.
  • Rev. 3:10. Shielded because they have kept the word of Godís patience.
  • Rev. 14:12. Finally only two parties, commandment-keepers and commandment-breakers.
  • Rev. 14:14-16. When finished Christ gathers the harvest of the earth.
  • Rev. 22:14. All who have kept the commandments of God will have a right to the tree of life.


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