The First Angelís Message
Announcing the Hour of Godís Judgment

  • Rev. 14:6. The angel having the everlasting gospel is the first of a series of three angels.
  • Rev. 14:7. The burden of the message is the hour of Godís "judgment is come." Men are to fear God and give glory to Him.
  • Acts 24:25. This message could not have been given in Paulís day, for the judgment was then future.
  • 2 Tim. 4:1. The day of judgment is connected with the coming of Christ.
  • Luke 21:36; 20:35. The righteous are "accounted worthy" before Christ comes.
  • Rev. 22:12. Christ brings His reward with Him.
  • Rev. 10:1-10. This message is based upon the contents of a "little book," which announces that time should be no longer.
  • Rev. 10:11. As this is followed by another world-wide message, it is not real time, but prophetic time, that ends.
  • Dan. 8:14. Daniel is the only "little book" that gives the 2300 days,óthe longest prophetic period in the Bible, which ended in 1844.
  • Rev. 10:1-3. The proclamation of this message is compared to the roar of a lion.
  • Lev. 23:23-32. Ten days before the earthly sanctuary was cleansed, the warning was sounded through all Israel.

About ten years before 1844, Bible students began to study the prophetic period of 2300 days, and commenced to warn the world, telling them that the judgment day was near. Joseph Wolfe preached it in Asia; Edward Irving and more than three hundred ministers proclaimed the same message in Europe; while Wm. Miller and his co-laborers declared the message in America.

  • Zech. 9:9; Luke 19:35-40. The disciples fulfilled prophecy at the time of Christís triumphal entry into Jerusalem, but were disappointed.
  • Rev. 10:8-10. In like manner Godís people fulfilled prophecy during the ten years prior to 1844. As they studied the prophetic symbols in Daniel, the thought of Christ coming in 1844 was sweet to them, but the disappointment was bitter.
  • Heb. 10:32-34. God desires that this experience should be kept in remembrance by His people.
  • Dan. 7:9, 10. The people expected the judgment to take place on earth and were disappointed in the location of the judgment and not the event. It was by Godís appointment that while heaven was interested in the opening of the judgment in heaven, Christís followers on earth should have their love and thoughts all centered on the movements of their Saviour.

Second Angelís Message

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