The Gospel Herald -- Promoting the fundamentals of the 1888 message.


The Great Controversy
The Universe is Interested
Rebellion in Heaven
What Caused the Trouble?
Satan's Disaffection
Adam's Dominion
Dominion is Usurped
On Which Side are We?
The World a Theatre
The Case of Job
Satan Before God
Job's Integrity
The Lesson
Christ's Gift
The Climax
God's Government Vindicated
Concluding Thoughts
Obey the Laws
A Special Message
        And whose are we? and with whom are we sympathizing in this government of the earth? From this standpoint, religion resolves itself into this question, Shall I be loyal to God in this great controversy that began in heaven and is now transferred to this earth, or shall I serve Satan? Whose subject shall I be in this great controversy?

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