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The Great Controversy

The Universe is Interested

Rebellion in Heaven

What Caused the Trouble?

Satan's Disaffection

Adam's Dominion

Dominion is Usurped

On Which Side are We?

The World a Theatre

The Case of Job

Satan Before God

Job's Integrity

The Lesson

Christ's Gift

The Climax

God's Government Vindicated

Concluding Thoughts

Obey the Laws

A Special Message

        If Satan would not hesitate to take the life of the Son of God will he hesitate to take your life? Do you think that his plan of government is any better now? Do you see that it is loyalty to God or to Satan? Do you see that we have either to put ourselves under Satan's leadership and fight against Christ, or to put ourselves under the leadership of Christ to fight against Satan?
        Which side are you on? Which side are you choosing?
        "Ye are a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men."
        Who has your name enrolled in his book. Are you enrolled as fighting under the blood-stained banner of the Lamb, as a loyal subject of God; or as fighting under the black banner of Satan, against the government of God?
        This question of the two kingdoms is going on till Christ shall come the second time to take His kingdom. We are very near that time now. All one has to do is to read the Scripture and the signs of the times to know that it is near. Little argument is needed to show any one who will read the Scripture and the signs of the times that the day of the Lord's coming is near and hasteth greatly.
        The controversy is in its height. Tremendous power is being brought to bear to hold subjects in the kingdom of Satan. He is bringing upon people every devise to hold them in the bonds of sin; to take their minds away from the realization of the near coming of Christ, and fill them with pleasure and self-seeking. But Christ is at work in the earth, and is to-day selecting those who will be loyal to Him. And what does it mean to be loyal to Him?—It means to obey the laws of the realm.

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