The Gospel Herald -- Promoting the fundamentals of the 1888 message.


The Great Controversy
The Universe is Interested
Rebellion in Heaven
What Caused the Trouble?
Satan's Disaffection
Adam's Dominion
Dominion is Usurped
On Which Side are We?
The World a Theatre
The Case of Job
Satan Before God
Job's Integrity
The Lesson
Christ's Gift
The Climax
God's Government Vindicated
Concluding Thoughts
Obey the Laws
A Special Message
        Satan succeeded in getting enough followers to make a rebellion in heaven. Being cast out there he determined to set up his kingdom in this earth, and show to the universe that he could run a government. Gradually he would extend this government till he took away from God the dominion, and then "he would be like the Most High;" he would be God.
        He started in just the same way that he started in heaven, by creating dissatisfaction. He said to the woman, "God knows that in the day you eat of the tree of knowledge, you will be as gods. The reason He gave why you should not eat of the tree, is not true. He told you that you would die, but that is not so. The fact is, that when you eat of the tree, you will be like Him. He does not want that, so He is keeping you down. If you listen to me and eat, you will be as gods."
        And they tried it. In doing that, Adam proved false to God, and passed everything into the hands of Satan.

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