Historical Teachings on the
Human Nature Christ Took
in the Incarnation

by Jerry Finneman

Fact number one: "that within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, for the past fifty years, there have been essentially two opposing teachings concerning the kind of human nature Christ assumed in the incarnation." I chose the word "essentially" because those who contend that "Jesus took Adam’s sinless human nature" before the fall and that he bore our fallen nature "vicariously" as in Questions on Doctrine and those who opt for two kinds of human nature—partly pre- and partly post-lapsarian—assumed by Christ are united in the following two concepts: a) that Christ got tired and hungry; and b) that Christ was not tempted from within as we are, because He did not inherit tendencies to sin, as do all other descendants of Adam. In essence the "sinless human nature" and the pre- and post-fall teachings are the same. The most central and material part of both are the same. Both are opposed to the teaching of Jones and Waggoner—that Christ took our fallen human nature with all its liabilities, including inherited tendencies to sin through of the law of heredity.

The second fact to consider

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