Let History Speak
Let History Speak

Letter to Primacy Committee Members July 20, 1999

Donald K. Short
41 Brookside Drive   •   Hendersonville, North Carolina
July 20,1999

Various Members of the Primacy of the Gospel Committee: Robert J. Kloosterhuis, George Reid, Angel Rodriguez, Peter van Bemmelen, Nancy Vyhmeister

Dear Committee Members:

At our last meeting at Andrews, May 14-16, you were given two papers prepared by me. These considered topics that have been with us for more than one meeting: (1) "Acquittal and Life for All Men" which deals with the gift of justification for the whole world and (2) "Able to Succour Them Who Are Tempted" considers Christ's human nature in the incarnation.

There was a third paper I had planned to give to all, "Fifty Years of Modern Adventist History" which deals with conflicting concepts in our history. But the meeting closed on a high note and some might have considered anything that refers to "conflicting" is better left alone. But I did give it to several and so now all will have received their copy.

Likewise another paper, "A Brief Summary of the Nature of Christ Controversy" which has been given to some is now placed in your hands. All of this material is from me personally, that is, not from the 1888 Message Study Committee, although I think their views are expressed in these.

Whether you ever take time to read all of this remains to be seen. But looking back over four years of meetings it would seem clear that considerable progress has been made in understanding. These four papers deal with topics relevant to the purposes of the committee and so we can all pray for better insight, "till we all come to the unity of the faith."
Sincerely yours,

Donald K. Short

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