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The Repairing of Sam Brown


Chapter 4 - part 4

          "And, Sam, one look at the glory in that womanís face as she rejoices in her belief was enough to make me ashamed to bring up our tenth objection. Why, if she is right and doing Godís will, what difference does ridicule make! I do admire a person who will face anything to follow his convictions. The majority has always been wrong, Sam, and has laughed at those who have stood for right. Think of Jesus Himself, and Paul, and Luther, and Wesley. They were all laughed to scorn, but they were right. It is always lot of people who do things to be laughed at. If I thought I was right, Iíd do it, no matter what people said. Wouldnít you, Sam?"
          "Of course I would, Sarah; Iíd rather have God on my side than have the good will of the neighbors when they are in the wrong. Iíve been having some pretty serious thoughts during the past twenty-four hours. It looks to me as if Richards is right about this Sabbath business. But it would be mighty hard to arrange my business to keep Saturday when others keep Sunday.
          "Oh, you ought to have heard Mrs. Richards hold forth on that this afternoon," commented Sarah, all enthusiastic in the praises of her new-found friend. "She said they were going to obey God if they starved, and that she believed God was only testing their faith. But she says she is not going to starve, and quotes David to the effect that he had never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. She told me how they had been jumping from pillar to post since they began to keep the Sabbath, but they had never lacked yet for the necessities of life, though they had gotten down pretty low at times. Sam, you canít conquer people like that. I know God is with them, and I feel shaky about His being with us, she added.
          "I donít want to conquer them, Sarah," ejaculated her husband. "Itís them thatís conquered us, looks like to me. And I donít feel so bad over it, either. And Godís going to be on our side, too, wife, as sure as my nameís Samuel Billington Brown. Let the repair business go hang. If I canít do that and serve God too, Iíll find some other way to make a living. What do you say?"
          "Thatís just what I was going to say myself, she answered, the tears of joy flowing unchecked down her cheeks, "but I was afraid to propose it. Mrs. Richards and I had prayer together before I left, and I seem to be a changed woman."
          Sam pushed back his chair with some racket, blew his nose violently, and came around the table to plant a kiss on his wifeís brow.

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