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The Repairing of Sam Brown


Chapter 5

          THE next Sunday the Richards family were guests at dinner with the Brown family. Poor Frank and Grace were dumbfounded when they received the invitation. There had been an ominous quiet for several days, as the second weekend came and the hired man again took Saturday off. Was the much-dreaded dismissal about to come! But this! What did it mean! Instead of being fed to the lions they were to be fed by the lions.
          But they went; and they were made to feel very much at home. Until after the sumptuous repast was over, however, they remained a little uneasy. Perhaps this move on the part of the Browns was just to be charitable and to give them a good send-off. When the chairs were pushed back, their host cleared his throat, and announced that Sam Brown and his wife had kept their last Sunday and had broken their last Sabbath. Sarah approved.
          The glad news came like a bolt from the blue to the two who had brought them the truth. Their joy was unspeakable, and some happy tears were shed all around the circle, even the children joining in out of sympathy. Now they had a thousand things in common. Hours slipped away as Sam and Sarah drank in greedily all that the Richards' were able to tell them about the wonderful system of Bible truth connected with the Sabbath question. Late that night the young couple bundled their sleepy children home, marveling at the kind providences of God, and convinced that when we first seek the kingdom of God and its interests, all the ordinary necessities of life will be added.
          During working hours that week, the two men were much in each other's company; and they talked business as well as religion. It looked as if the new hired man was going to stay on.
          Thursday morning, when Richards appeared early for work, he accosted Brown with the now usual greeting, "Well, Sam, how do you feel?"
          "Repaired!" was the laconic answer, and they both laughed heartily.
          "Come around here, partner," said Sam, putting his arm around the younger man, "and see our new sign." They walked around to the other side of the garage, where painters had marked out a new job the day before, unnoticed by Richards. There it was:


Auto Repairs, Spare Parts, and Accessories
We specialize on immediate attention to
Saturday night and Sunday wrecks

          "And here's the new letterhead, Frank," said Sam, taking it out of his pocket and handing it over. "What do you think of it?"
          "Brown and Richards," read his new partner, smiling his reply. "The Premier Garage of Enterprise. Auto Repairs, Spare Parts, and Accessories. This shop will be closed from sundown Fridays to sundown Saturdays, but we will be right on the job all Saturday night and Sunday. You wreck em. We fix 'em."

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