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The Repairing of Sam Brown


Chapter 3 - part 6

          "You do know something about it, donít you?" exclaimed the churchman, with more respect in his tone for the serious young man before him. "But see here; you go your way, and Iíll go mine. We are all on the same way to heaven anyway, and I judge we will all get there. You keep your Sabbath, and Brother Brown and I will keep ours. God does not expect the impossible of us. On a round world everybody canít keep the same day at the same time anyway.
          Sam Brown glanced at his man Frank with a look that said, "Iím pretty sure you will have something ready for him on this, too." And Frank had.
          "We may be all on the same way to heaven," he said, "but the unfortunate fact is that some of us are going one direction on it and some the opposite direction, and it makes all the difference in the world which way one is headed as to whether he reaches heaven or not. Jesus says He is Ďthe way,í and He kept the seventh-day Sabbath; and He said also that He came not to destroy the law about the Sabbath but to fulfill it ó fill it full by obeying it. It is His Sabbath, not mine, except to keep. Your Sabbath is manís sabbath; and Christ said, ĎIn vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.í Matthew 15:9.
          "If everybody canít keep the same day on a round world then everybody on a round world canít keep Sunday on the same day; so why do you insist that everybody shall, and why would you have strict civil laws to try to compel them to do what you say is absolutely impossible to do? The truth is, as you know, that no one anywhere in the world has any trouble telling which day is Sunday or Saturday, or any other day. The Sabbath command says nothing about a requirement to keep the same day at the same time. It says to keep the seventh day, of course the seventh day when it comes to us wherever we are. It comes in due time to Jerusalem, to Shanghai, and to Honolulu. The sun marks the day, and it carries the day around the world with it, and each people keeps the day as it comes to them. As you say, God does not expect the impossible, but He does expect each one to do what the commandment and common sense tell him to do."

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