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The Repairing of Sam Brown


Chapter 3 - part 7

          "Yes," put in Sam, "but Iíve heard you lose a day or gain a day when you go around the world."
          "Thatís right, you do, or seem to; but that does not affect the keeping of the Sabbath, as those who have tried it have found. And this gain or loss is apparent, not real, as far as actual time is concerned. It comes from an arrangement by astronomers so that time records can be adjusted on a round world that marks the day by one revolution on its axis. To show you that time is not really lost or gained by going around the world, suppose there were twins, and one went one way around the world and gained a day, and the other went the other way around the world and lost a day. Would they no longer be twins, and would their birthdays be two days apart? And suppose they were to keep on going around the world in opposite directions, would there be years of difference in their ages after many such Journeys? To ask such a question is to answer no.
          The preacher suddenly pulled his watch out of his pocket, and uttered an exclamation of dismay. "Here I am wasting my time, and an hour for an important appointment has passed. You must excuse me!" And with some loss of dignity he clambered into his car, and exceeded the speed limit as he honked up the street.
          His auto-repairing parishioner stepped to the door and watched him disappear. "Wouldnít that sideswipe you!" he ejaculated. When he turned back into the shop, the familiar feet were protruding from under the car over in the corner. He busied himself with his work without another word.

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