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Chapter 3, Section 5

Testimony of Astrologers

The Southland is home to one of the great astrologers of the United States. Known to his followers as "Doc" Andersen, he operates out of a shack-like office along the highway in Rossville, Georgia. But this unpretentious outward appearance bears no relationship to his importance in the area of the supernatural.

Agreeing to an interview about the tongues manifestation, "Doc" observed that he is convinced the tongues are "definitely supernatural. These people go into this state and speak without knowing how or why," he pointed out, "and I believe most certainly that this is godly. It is most certainly not ungodly! The gift of tongues—I don't believe it can be evil. You bet your life—I believe it's all good!"

When I pressed for an answer to my question as to the power behind the strange utterances he retorted, "They are vibrations directly from God. I don't believe it is evil. You hear a lot of people talking about being possessed, but I don't believe that people can be possessed. A person can be evil but not possessed. Talking in tongues is definitely the Holy Spirit moving in!"

Evaluating the worldwide tongues movement from his comfortable gilded armchair, he concluded, "Tongues are good for people because they are bringing all faiths closer together, and whatever brings people closer together has to be godly!"

A representative of the psychic research fraction, Hugh Lynn Cacey, was also found willing to submit his views on the subject. Son of the late famed psychic Edgar Cacey, Hugh Lynn heads the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., formed to study his father's supernatural legacy.

He volunteered, "I have taped the phenomena for years and have researched it from the psychic angle, and it has several different possibilities.

"The first possibility, of course, is pure hysteria, where religious people think themselves into a state of hysteria. But there is also the possibility of it being godly, or of an entity possessing someone; a case where the individual functions as a medium for an unknown entity.

"There is also the possibility," he continued, "that this is a kind of 'speeded up' mystical experience vocalized, and it becomes a higher form of communication with God or whatever you call it.

"At this point you ask, of course, the question, 'Does it do anything to people? Does it make them better people, or does it just produce confusion or bewilderment?' There is, however, definitely evidence that it is psychic, and by this I mean that it may be a retroactive kind of thing, a sort of primitive memory bank that is in operation.

"Some organizations like the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship have endeavored to bring psychic phenomena into the Christian churches. I seriously consider the possibility that the gift of tongues is one of those spirit manifestations that is being brought into the church in general.

"It will be instrumental in bringing unity to a divided church!"

For fear of being repetitious I will eliminate most of the other psychic witnesses I interviewed; yet David Bubar will have to be included, as his views are typical, not only of the clairvoyant mediums, but also of that new breed of psychicologist, the psychiresearchers whose aim it is to bring the academic field of psychic research into the nation's classrooms.

Relaxing in his Memphis home, David sorted out his thoughts on the subject, finally vocalizing them into the tape recorder.

"I ask, Could not the speaking in tongues be a case of tapping into a high spiritual dimension where this language is spoken?" he thought aloud while trying to sort out the various options open to him. "And is it perhaps that this happening is triggered by a 'high' spiritual experience?

"I don't want to call it hysteria, but it is close to it. Their high experience brings them in tune with the intelligences of other dimensions.

"Since their experience is an 'electrical happening' to start with, it allowed them to slip right into another dimension. It might very well be a holy dimension, for all I know. I can't discern that. Those who have 'linked up' claim to be better because of it—not worse." Then he added seriously, "I don't have to speak in tongues, because I always live in this spiritual high. To me, the idea of speaking in tongues is simply tapping into knowledge that has been stored in another dimension. But—and this I want to emphasize—we attract that which we are!

"I don't talk to Satan," he added rather wishfully, "I have no contact with him at all. I only talk to God, and because of my positive attitude I doubt that I am even tempted by Satan ….

"Can spirit power really operate the gift of tongues, you ask? Yes, it is undoubtedly spirit power; but I am convinced it is Holy Spirit power. It is not a depraved thing. You simply cannot get down on a low level where the untrained spirits work and come away with something that is high and spiritual.

"Not having had the experience personally, I don't want to be guilty of calling today's manifestation a counterfeit. If you want to say, however, that the tongues speakers are receiving their ability to speak from their direct contact with beings in other dimensions, then you are undoubtedly correct."

One Common Denominator

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