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Chapter 3, Section 2

The Plain, Simple Truth of Modern Spiritualism

"Shall we come down to the plain simple truth, that the phenomenal aspects of Modern Spiritualism reproduce all the essential principles of the Magic, Witchcraft, and Sorcery of the past?" he questions. "The same powers are involved…the same intelligences are operating."—J.J. Morse, Practical Occultism, 1888. (Italics supplied.)

It was perhaps still early, but spirit power was indeed moving in, preparing itself for its leading role in alliance with the major religious powers on earth.

Inasmuch as pure devil power is the driving force behind spiritualism, and is the same power that used to operate the "magic, witchcraft, and sorcery of the past," we may well speak of an amalgamation of spiritualism, Roman Catholicism and apostate Protestantism; a triumvirate where outright devil power works side by side and in complete harmony with the two other religious groups—all sharing the same cloak of godliness.

Other Bible prophecies can be quoted here to support this identification.

Not everything accomplished today with spirit power is officially recognized as being the result of such supernatural interference. Scientific sounding names have been attached to pure spiritualistic projects in an attempt to make them socially and religiously acceptable. What one psychic calls parapsychology another one renames psychicology, yet their aims are almost identical, for all researchers in the field of spiritualists' supernatural phenomena are engaged in attempting to construct a scientifically acceptable basis for a belief in a continuous existence of life after death, whether in a "spirit-sphere" or in the "fifth dimension."

"Parapsychology … brings hope for world peace, hope for more brotherly relations among men, hope for a new unity of religious faith," states Dr. Alson J. Smith. "Doctrine, dogma, and form of organization all become secondary to the witness and the power of the inner, supersensory life. Parapsychology will help unify Christendom by emphasizing that super-normal element that all denominations have in common and minimizing those devisive elements that have their root in time obsession."—Religion and the New Psychology, 1951, pages 151-174.

Even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the grand old man behind the Sherlock Holmes mystery novels, was convinced of this. "The ultimate merit of the revelation, which came in so humble a shape," he said, referring to the birth of modern spiritualism in Hydesville, New York, "will be the simplification of religion, the breaking down of the barriers between the sects, and a universal creed which will combine the ethics of real Christianity with direct spiritual communication."—Beware Familiar Spirits, 1938, page 83.

"Spiritualism will sweep the world," another spokesman asserted, "and make it a better place to live. When it rules over all the world, it will banish the blood of Christ. Spiritualism has a mighty mission to fulfill, and spiritualists are missionaries of this new teaching of the so-called 'Christ-spirit.'"—The Teachings and Phenomena of Spiritualism, page 72.

That these budding activities of the spirit world do not go unnoticed, not even by non-bible students, becomes obvious when one looks at the pronouncements on world affairs made as far back as the eventful years surrounding the First World War.

Sir Edward Grey, former British Foreign Secretary, spoke fearfully of the workings of a strange and mysterious power in world affairs. In an address to the House of Commons, he said, "It is really as if in the atmosphere of the world there were some mischievous influence at work, which troubles and excites every part of it."—London Times, Nov. 28, 1911, p. 13.

Another British statesman used almost the very same words 12 years later. "It would seem as if they were all bewitched, or laboring under some doom imposed upon them by devils…." Ramsey MacDonald, former British Prime Minister admitted in 1923. "People were beginning to feel that there was something devilish in the operations now going on to increase armies, navies and air forces."—Quoted in "Disarmament Labour Party's Motion," London Times, July 24, 1923, p. 7.

The Treacherous Influence of Spirit Power

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