Corporate Solidarity—Summary and Conclusion

  1. Summary and Conclusion
    1. The first representative of the human race sold himself and his posterity to another, who then claimed the representative role of mankind. However, the Godhead previously planned for man's recovery should he surrender his headship. There were certain legal requirements involved in the recovery of mankind from sin and its consequent penalty. Established in the councils of heaven, those obligations demanded legitimate procedures. The response to those legal stipulations were fulfilled for the race in the person of Christ, who, in taking Adam's place did battle with, and overcame, the usurper.
    2. Christ lived righteously, by faith, in behalf of the fallen race. This meant living by every word that proceeded from the mouth of God, including obedience unto the death of the cross. That righteous act of Christ has a double relation: (1) the relation of a legal justification which was adequate and more than an exactly proportional price for the penalty of sin, and (2) it also has within it the relationship of a merit over and beyond the legal demands of the law. Consequently, in His role as representative and head of the human race He legally reconciled and acquitted or justified "all" by His righteous act. When that fact is believed the heart of the believer is changed. This is called justification by faith.
      1. However, faith cannot create or produce anything that does not already exist. Faith makes the real existence of Christ's justifying death verifiable in the believer. Faith does not create justification. Justification has existence apart from faith. It resides in the person Christ. Christ created justification through His merit. Faith reaches back to the cross and makes the justifying death of Christ real to the sinner when (s)he believes. Faith makes Christ's justification personal. It is not faith that justifies, but Christ's obedience even unto death.
    3. The whole body of humanity was legally "in" Christ as its legitimate Head while He lived and died on earth. Man has the privilege to refuse this Headship and be eternally lost, but that refusal does not invalidate the fact that the corporate solidarity of the human race was and is secured "in" Christ, the Second Adam.

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