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Robert J. Wieland

Modern technology is rapidly developing
a culture compulsively addicted to
unending amusement and entertainment.
This is a love affair with death.
Only one thing can reverse it,
and Jesus has put His finger squarely on it.

George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Jesus Christ each predicted a profound change in human character and spiritual values that would characterize our day.

Orwell’s vision was a frightening one, that long before now we would all be trampled down by Big Brother governments—dictators who would manacle human freedom. He quite accurately foresaw modern life in some repressive lands, but Westerners rejoiced as 1984 finally went without a fulfillment of his dire predictions.

Huxley, witty and brilliant, also gave up hope for Western civilization. His book, Brave New World, predicted a less frightening future than Orwell had foreseen, but one that beneath the facade was no less lethal. Modem technology, he predicted, would develop a compulsive addiction to unending amusement and entertainment. And this would degrade serious thought and moral responsibility.

Huxley’s prophecy of death by entertainment comes closer to the Western truth. But both Huxley and Orwell failed to penetrate to the inner nature of this moral and spiritual decline of our day.

Jesus’ View Leaped Across Centuries
to Reveal Man’s True Character

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