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Chapter 1 Why Re-examine Our Adventist Past?
Chapter 2 The Sin of Leaving Our First Love
Chapter 3 The Loud Cry to Come in a Surprising Way
Chapter 4 Acceptance or Rejection:
In Search of a Sharper Focus
Additional Note to Chapter Four
Chapter 5 The Fundamental Problem:
How to Evaluate the 1888 Message
Chapter 6 The 1888 Rejection of Ellen White
Chapter 7 A Closer Look at the "Confessions"
Chapter 8 Crisis at the 1893 General Conference Session
Chapter 9 A False Righteousness by Faith:
Sowing the Seed of Apostasy
Chapter 10 Why Did Jones and Waggoner Lose Their Way?
Chapter 11 The "Alpha" and "Omega" Crisis
Chapter 12 The Pantheism Apostasy
Chapter 13 Ellen White's Predictions of Baal-Worship
Chapter 14 From 1950-1971
Chapter 15 From 1971-1987 and Beyond
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E