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The Repairing of Sam Brown


Chapter 4 - part 2

          "But, Sarah," Sam interjected, at last coming back to himself, "what about the Sabbath question?"
          "Oh," she said, "I almost forgot, didnít I? Iíve just about made up my mind that that doesnít amount to much after all.
          "Donít amount to much!"
          "I mean our side of it doesnít. It was this way. I took my embroidery and went over, and made the excuse that neighbors whose husbands are in the same work ought to be friendly. At first I was so taken with her and the children, I almost forgot what I came for. And then I was ashamed to start the subject, she was so nice, and so grateful for the hints I gave her about cooking and other things. But we got around to religion after a while. We went over some of the same points you and her husband did; and I confess I was flabbergasted. I didnít know what to say. How that woman knows the Bible is a caution. But I remembered the last three points in our ten, and I brought those up.
          "What did she say to them?"
          "She said as to Godís Spirit and our conscience telling what day is right to keep, that our conscience tells us to do right, but does not tell us what is right. Some peopleís consciences tell them that stealing or lying is right, if they do not get caught at it, but that does not make stealing and lying right. Our moral judgment tells us what is right, and our morals are decided by our training, and our training must be based on an authority. The authority for the Christian is the Bible, and if our conscience is trained according to that, and it says to keep the seventh-day Sabbath, then our conscience will tell us to keep the seventh-day Sabbath.

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