Service in the Second Apartment
of the Sanctuary

  • Heb. 9:7. Service in second apartment only one day in the year.
  • Lev. 16:2, 29, 30. Atonement made on the tenth day of the seventh month. All sin put away on that day.
  • Lev. 16:2-4, 11-14. Preparation of the priest for service.
  • Lev. 16:7, 8. Lots cast upon the two goats.
  • Lev. 16:9, 15-19. The Lordís goat offered as a sin-offering.
  • Num. 29:7-11. Sin-offering offered on the day of atonement besides the sin-offering of atonement.
  • Lev. 16:18, 19. The last work performed by the high priest in the sanctuary was at the altar in the first apartment.
  • Lev. 16:20. When the priest comes out from the sanctuary, in type, he bears all the confessed sins of the people. There is then an end of all reconciling.
  • Lev. 16:10, 21. The sins all laid upon head of scapegoat.
  • Ps. 7:16. David understood that the sins would come down upon the head of the evil one.
  • Lev. 16:22. The goat was led into the wilderness.
  • Rev. 22:11, 12. When our High Priest leaves the sanctuary to come into the earthly court, every case will have been decided for eternity.
  • Rev. 20:1-3. Satan, the antitypical scapegoat, receives the sins of the righteous, and is left upon the desolate earth.

The Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world should be made the central thought of every text.


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